Preventive Pet Care Exams in Exeter, NH

Also serving surrounding areas

At Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, your pet receives a thorough, full-body examination as a preventive measure on your first office visit and subsequent visits. Preventive care examinations are a routine part of the examination by both Dr. Downey and Dr. Brandt, reviewing every aspect of your pet’s health and history. Equally important is the fact that our doctor’s listen to you and your concerns. As a new patient, we want to make sure your pet is free of parasites, so we recommend you bring in a stool sample and urine sample on your initial visit.  

Our thoroughness on all office visits allows us to treat issues that may have arisen in between appointments and reduces the risk of potential complications. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends annual checkups for your pet.

The annual health check includes a complete physical examination. Annual heartworm and Lyme testing for dogs as indicated even if they are on year-round preventatives. We recommend comprehensive senior profiles for animals 10 years of age and up. We recommend annual parasite checks from a stool sample and prefer to include a urinalysis as well.

Do You Offer Second Opinions?

Yes, we offer second opinions. If you would like a second opinion on any issue regarding your pet, contact us for a consultation. We ask that you send us a full history on your pet – progress notes, current blood work and vaccination history – and medication. If your pet has had x-rays, please send us those as well. Learning about your pet’s past history will help us get an overview of your pet’s issue.

For more information about our preventive care exams or to schedule a veterinary appointment in Exeter, call us today at 603-772-7387.


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