Clean Teeth = Good Health

Winter Dental Special


• Complete physical exam;

• Monitor heart, pulse and respirations

• Scale, clean and polish every tooth

• Pre-Anesthetic blood work is extra but highly recommended especially for new clients

• THERA WELLNESS bio-field support post operative recovery and healing

• Recovery includes a warm and cushy bed


DEC. 1, 2022 - FEB. 15, 2023


Dog or Cat Teeth Cleanings in Exeter, NH

Also serving surrounding areas

Regular dental cleanings are paramount to maintain your pet’s teeth as well as their overall good health. Good dental hygiene is not for humans only to maintain good health!

If you have noticed your pet’s breath is less than sweet, it may be a sign of dental disease or infection. Untreated infection can be the cause of a painful mouth or a more serious systemic condition in the heart, kidneys, and other organs.

While, we make it an integral part of our daily routine with brushing and cleaning, pets need clean teeth too. We urge you to earmark a professional dental cleaning on a regular basis by our experienced team.

Our veterinarians always make a dental exam an integral part of every office visit. Clean teeth mean healthy gums and a healthier animal overall. Prior to your pet’s dental, we highly recommend a pre-anesthetic screen for all dental patients to establish baseline blood work.

New clients need to schedule an office appointment for a complete physical exam before scheduling a dental. Our dentistries include special attention to a safe anesthetic approach for that individual pet.

What Does a Professional Dental Cleaning Entail?

Under general anesthesia, your pet’s dental cleaning or prophylaxis, plaque and tartar are removed and your pet’s entire moth is evaluated. In keeping with out attentive care of each of our patients, we use Sevoflurane anesthesia which is easier on the pet’s system and not metabolized by each organ allowing a quicker recovery so your pet is able to go home the same day. To further help in recovery, we use a combination of homotoxicology, aquapuncture with Vitamin B12 and homeopathic Traumeel, and spinal adjustments post op. A professional dental cleaning may include extractions if needed. Our veterinarian will discuss that possibility prior to the dental.

frequently asked questions

How Do I Know If My Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning?

Regular pet dental cleanings are important in catching dental disease early. Tartar may appear as a brownish-gold buildup on the teeth, close to the gum-line while redness or bleeding may indicate gingivitis.

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Cleaning?

A professional dog or cat dental cleaning includes removal of not only visible plaque and tartar but also bacteria underneath the gums. Plaque and tartar removal eliminates potential sources of infection in the mouth and other organs and protects your pet from pain and tooth loss.

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