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At Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, we pay particular attention to how and when vaccinations are administered. When vaccinating pets, we combine the use of homeopathy, cold laser, spinal adjustments or Bicom therapy to improve the efficacy and safety of vaccines. We also offer titers for core vaccines and homeopathic vaccine Nosodes.

When selecting the integrative approach appropriate for that pet, it is rare to see adverse reactions to a vaccine. We are mindful in our approach so that safe vaccine administration is a priority. And we take time to discuss what vaccines are indicated for that pet. We always administer the Rabies vaccine according to laws and regulations. We are also very particular in which vaccine company’s products we select for our patients.

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Are There Different Types of Pet Vaccinations?

There are two types of animal vaccinations – core and non-core. Core vaccines are those that are required for your pet, regardless of their age, environment, and habits. Non-core vaccines are not required, but may be recommended depending on your pet’s health, surroundings, and lifestyle. At Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, we offer both core and non-core pet vaccinations.

We Follow Vaccine Protocols recommended by Dr. Jean Dodds.

Pet vaccines are necessary from the time they are young. As with people, pets require vaccines in order to live a long and healthy life. Call us at 603-772-7387 right now! today to schedule a visit and protect your pets from disease!


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