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We understand how much you love your pets and that you want the best for them in every way. That includes what they eat! Nutrition is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Appropriate nutrition can help keep animals healthy and prevent disease.

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How We Support You:

  • An Integrative Veterinarian in Exeter
  • Traditional and Holistic Treatment Options
  • A Team That Is Knowledgeable About Veterinary Nutrition
  • A Safe and Gentle Treatment That Promotes Self-Healing
frequently asked questions

Why Do I Need Nutritional Consulting for My Pet?

Appropriate nutrition plays an important role in providing your beloved pet with a long, healthy life. Research shows that proper nutrition can increase the average lifespan of your pet. We can offer you qualified advice, based on our years of education and experience.

Why are Whole Food Diets Recommended?

Yes! Just as you are careful about the food you and your human family eats, you should be careful about what you feed your pet. Proper nutrition is integral to optimal animal care. A high-quality diet based on your pet’s unique needs can help prevent many of the health problems animals regularly experience.

Will the Doctors Review What I’m Feeding My Pet?

Yes. Dr. Downey and Dr. Brandt recognize the importance of focusing on nutrition to aid in both wellness and resolution of chronic illness. Whole food home-made diets, raw food and selection of quality commercial diets will be reviewed during your office visit. Establishing recipes individualized for your pet and education regarding Chinese Food Theory will be reviewed and continue to be modified as the relationship with the client and animal grows. Proper balancing of the diet through the use of whole food vitamin-mineral supplements, glandulars and probiotics and enzymes will also be a keen focus of our nutritional counseling.


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